About Me

Hello and welcome to my UK, specifically London blog! I like to write about my study abroad experience and anything to do with the fashion while I am across the pond this summer. I am here for ten weeks studying with a university to earn class credit and complete and internship.

I am a senior at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kan. I am print journalism major with minors in Spanish and Women’s Studies and am concentrating in apparel and textiles. I have aspirations of becoming a fashion journalist someday and having my own teen magazine for young women.

I like to write (I would hope!), read, go antiquing at flea markets, auctions and garage sales, and spend time with family and friends. Shopping of course is one of my favorite pastimes, as is traveling.

I was born in Georgia, but moved around every couple of years growing up. I’ve lived in Colorado, Ohio, Kansas and returned to live in each place at different times. Colorado has been my favorite place to live so far.

After I graduate next May I hope to go on to graduate school and obtain my masters in fashion journalism or general journalism. After that I would like to work for a fashion publication and climb the ranks to an editor position.

But, now, to focus on the journey I’m on right now. That’s what this is all about. Thank you for joining me!




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