Eccentric Brit Fashion At Its Best

3 Jul

So, it’s time once again to remark on the fashion I have been seeing lately — most times the best street fashion photo finds have been none other than on the tube. After having my interview with Prudence from Prudence Millinery, she really enlightened me. She made me see the polarity in British fashion — uber traditional (as with the hats and two-piece suits at Trooping of the Color a couple of weeks ago) and over-the-top eccentric.

The past few weeks there have been fashions that have literally stopped me in my tracks, whether they were shocking, interesting or sometimes outright appalling. Overall trends I have been witnessing:

  • Top hats, and not for a black-tie occasion. Men pair the dapper Abe Lincoln-esque look with jeans, suspenders and tennis shoes.
  • T-shirts with profanity written on them in large visible letters. One the other day said, “What the f*** is your problem?” on the backside — and no, it was not censored
  • Rainbow highlighted hair:

    Rainbow highlight trend

  • Leggings as pants — this trend has gone beyond U.S. college campuses into a fashiony realm

    Louis Vuitton Hot Pink Graffiti Leggings paired with strappy stilettos and quilted Chanel handbag (as seen in front of Harrod's Department Store)

    More relaxed leggings-as-pants look as seen at the tube station

  • “The golden boy look” for men: blonde medium-length hair parted on the side, Ralph Lauren button-up Oxford or Lacoste polo with, yes, a sweater tied over the shoulders and colored trousers

    The Brit Golden Boy Look - it really does exist here on the street. Photo credit: Esquire Magazine

  • British men seem to love spider-killer, pointy leather dress shoes here:

    Pointy derby men's shoe by Kurt Geiger, a popular London-based shoe designer ($145)

  • Miu Miu glitter oxfords with crystal backs (should be diamonds for the price!)

    Miu Miu Glitter Brogues with Jeweled Heels ($595 from Harrod's)

    Besides these aforementioned trends I have been seeing on a daily basis, there have also been costume sightings — outfits that in the U.S. that are reserved for nothing but the Halloween holiday…but not here, any day is prime…

    London's Southbank - Man wearing hot pink boa, Queen Elizabeth mask, black top hat and tutu

    Raising money for charity on Marylebone High Street. The alligator costume had nothing to do with the cause

    You could say, just by these examples that London fashion is a bit more outrageous than what you would see in the States. Prudence, the milliner, explained British eccentricity stems from the uniformed school days of English youth. All through school English children are mandated to wear uniforms, as they reach adulthood they are craving to express themselves and do so in lavish ways.



One Response to “Eccentric Brit Fashion At Its Best”

  1. Marissa Hoffman July 6, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    Girl your blogs are so amazing! Really, I just love the different topics you choose and your use of multimedia. Such a fun read!!

    And these are some CRAZY trends! Especially the tutu/Queen mask/top hat guy. Hahahahahahaha you must just giggle to yourself as you’re walking around!

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