Cyberdog – The Future of Fashion?

28 Jun

The goa trance music inside Cyberdog, a futuristic retail chain, can be heard pulsating from outside its doors, guarded by colossal Bicentennial Man-esque robots. Curiosity for the future entices present-day Stables Market shoppers inside.

Upon crossing the threshold, visitors are transported to a land far from this world. They are greeted by dazed employees wearing cybernetic headgear as they walk into UV-lit blackness.

As if straight out of the Disney Channel film Zenon, set in 2049 A.D., the fashions, which span from clothing for infants up to senior citizens, are stunningly neon, sadly simple and far too democratic; the only personalization options are programmed digital messages that scroll across plain, black T-shirts.

Unlike 1960s mod designers like André Courrèges, Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin, Cyberdog has fallen short in superimposing spage-age innovation with street wear.

Women’s fashions include indecently short and body hugging dresses with revealing cutouts, external zippers and plush-boned hoop skirts. Men’s fashions are not much more wearable with what look like straight jackets, latex workout shirts with the Transformers-looking logo plastered on the front, and sports hero-inspired motorcycle pants.

Cyberdog’s clothing is unsolicited for all but a few who fall into its narrow customer base. Its fashions belong at a rave, on an episode of The Jetsons, or on Mars, although the shop is still a must-see tourist attraction.

Cyberdog’s mission is to stay one step ahead of the evolution of fashion, but the chain is more than one step away, it is light years past contemporary design.

For more information on Cyberdog visit

Photo I took in front of Cyberdog, a retail chain at Camden Stables Market that claims to be the future of fashion

"XXX Beehive Dress" Cyberdog Women's

G2 Armour Head System - Cyberdog Cybernetic Accessories

XXX Blastdoor Waistcoat - Cyberdog Men's

Kids Extreme Orbit Moon Dress - Cyberdog Girls




2 Responses to “Cyberdog – The Future of Fashion?”

  1. Amy June 28, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    Great commentary! I agree. It appears that fashion is constantly in a recycle….meaning that most of the best ideas of each decade appear to be recycled at some time in the future. Cyberdog must have recycled the fashions from “The Jetsons” as I did see Judy’s dress! I appreciate the introduction to this store because the next time I am in need to costumes, I will check there first.

  2. Marissa Hoffman July 6, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    Look at my future fashion critic! You’re a much sweeter version of Anna Wintour – right on the mark! Haha.

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